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ESE Medicals and Myopia >4D (non pathological) - II

My ESE interview was around November and results and medicals came around January. I went to medical exam at southern railway hospital Chennai. This was my second medical test in same hospital. At 2014 ESE, all the written qualified candidates had to attend medical test and it was hell for the hospitals. Also before 2014 ESE, you had to give preference of your hospital.
Anxious face!

But now they have taken it away. I think now they allot the hospital which is more nearer to address you had given. It was convenient for most people, but I was working in Bengal and now had to travel to Chennai. Traveling was not the problem, but taking leave on peak work time by giving some other reason and seeing your superior’s face all twisted was a crisis for me. But I had to do it. Somehow, it was all an imagination and I got leave pretty easily, which is indeed a difficult thing for those working in construction industry.
                I went to Chennai southern railway hospital. As I had already given medical test in same hospital, I was familiar with the place nearest and decided to go for a bit sightseeing. On the day of medicals, I went to hospital at 9 o clock. There I found a few guys sitting and chatting .I knew they were for the medicals. I went and asked about the time to report. I already knew that the staffs came late at around 10 o clock. So we decided to pass time. I asked those two guys what their ranks were. 1st rank said the first one and 2nd rank said the next one. And they had similar GATE ranks. And the fun fact was that they were working. One of them was working for four years.
I admired their will power. For me, working really drains your energy and you really need a strong motivation for keep going. Although, I did give ESE during grueling M tech project time, the case was different. I had library facility in kharagpur and I used to regularly go there at 8 o clock. I would be the first one to enter the library and last one to go out at around 12 o clock. I had the chance of pacing my M tech work as I wished. I got two months of serious preparation after completing all M tech formalities. This was enough considering that I had already given ESE 2014 and GATE 2013. However, when I started working, it’s the responsibility that drains your energy and not the actual work itself. Around September, I had already started preparation for the third time if luck didn’t favour me during second time. However, it was frustrating because the projects were to be finished really fast and lots of work was pilling on. Being a junior, you have to work under lots of people and their remarks sometimes disturb mental peace. Seven casual leaves per year did not help either. I personally am a sensitive guy and these disturbances were creating problems in my studies. However, when I went to medicals, I found most of them working people. Some were in PSU’s and they managed their leaves and free times perfectly. Some of them were writing IAS and this exam was their backup. I just found out that I was just being a cry baby.
So, after two years of leave from blog writing, I am back. The main reason to write this piece of article is because I myself had read many articles written by others. I was a big reader of “my days at made easy”, ESE experience of many candidates. Also I read many excellent articles in Quora. Now writing them is easy, tying them is bit hard, proof reading and making presentable is tough.
I have a specific theme for this article. This article is for those guys who have specs. I have Myopia with power >4D. For those who don’t know what myopia is, its problem to see far distance things properly as normal human can. For me the power is 4D in one eye and 5.5D in other. And I am not physically handicapped. So most of the PSU’s don’t engage people >4D. After Btech, I was distraught for not getting into L&T or IOCL because of Myopia. I decided to go to Mtech in IIT and fortunately I got good college and very good faculty. However, I was pained to see L&T coming again for seniors. I was praying to God to give me something. And I am not making this up to make the article dramatic. One day I was in library searching for some research articles and I fumbled upon the ESE brochure at olden times (i don’t remember the year). I glanced upon it and found medical fitness. It said that eye power was up to 8D for some services. This happened in Mtech first year. That was turning point for me. Because of the myopia problem, I never considered ESE as an option even when I was preparing for GATE. I never regret it as I wanted to complete Masters and that too i completed it under a renowned Guide. I started searching more and eventually found out the ESE medical file. Now it had declared Myopia>4D (non pathological) as fit for all services other than IRSE in case of civil engineering.
That was the turning point and from that time onwards, I started my preparation vehemently. I never went to any trip organized, never went out for any festival. Just started my day by running a 2.2Km every day and after that it was library all time. My first attempt took me till interview and second attempt pulled it off.
During my first medical exam at Chennai, I along with other written qualified students was called. There were two girls. They started the test around 10 o clock. They started with chest Xray, urine test. Then they measured the height and weight. After that came the dreaded eye test. I along with two other spectacled candidates was referred to special medical board of three ophthalmologists. They put something in our eyes to dilate and it hurts like anything. They did a computer eye testing and handed receipt to us. Some guys didn’t bring their eye prescription and they heard earful from the doctors. The receipt was attached to a document. Then they put power glasses and made us to tell where slit of ring was. Then they flashed torches in our eyes and looked into our souls. We were asked to exercise our eyes. Look up and down now left and right. After that they watched eye from a gizmo. We were asked to read the ishara plates for color blindness. They were skipping it fast and with that entire torch light flashed before, the letter were bit dizzy. However I managed to read most of them. After that it was a lunch break. We had a good vegetarian lunch from nearby restaurant. I was bit more relaxed right now as the main over deal was over.
After that came the unexpected general body test. The people said that here is the place where you had to be naked and get your balls grabbed. I was feeling uneasy now. The people, who went in, came out and cracked some wise jokes. I went in. Doctor asked me to remove my shirt and all. He checked m chest wrist and heart beat. Then he asked me to remove everything. He pressed it and asked to cough facing sideways. I coughed my lungs out. Then he asked about piles and all. Then after putting pants he asked me to walk and sit. I did as he said. He left the room and asked to get dressed and move out. I did Google out what the ball grabbing test was and it turns out that he was not grabbing my balls but checking a specific vein in there. If there was some problem in those veins, it could be life threatening.

The last part was meeting MD. He basically asked about general things, what you are presently doing and all. He finally checked everything and filled all forms. And while he was filling form I got a look into medical board report. Fit for all services except IRSE due to Myopia >4D. This was during first medical test. However, i couldn’t get a rank in ESE 2014. All was similar in second medical test of ESE 2015 except i didn’t get to meet MD or my Special medical board report. Weeks later, i got a speed post that Medical board had declared you fit for some services only due to Myopia > 4D and if you have any objection file for second medical board. The letter did not specify which services. I was naturally tensed as why this has happened. I posted a reply approving the medical board decision and asking specifically for which services i am declared unfit. After a month or so, a letter arrived saying that I would not be considered for second medical board as I had no objection to first medical board findings. It also gave reply for my question” Fit for all services except IRSE due to myopia>4D (non pathological)”.

Second Letter from the medical board intimating fit for all service except IRSE

Main list of candidates medical status

 Finally I breathed in relief. I had endlessly searched for an article that would support me during the preparation as well as after medical. I got good help from the blog articles written with respect to interview. I hope this article helps those who are in same dilemma as I was.


  1. Hello sir, Firstly congratulations for ESE and thank you for this wonderful blog. It helped me very much in cracking IITD interview.Some questions were exact same as of yours at iit kanpur. Well, looking forward to meet you at ESE training perhaps.

    Sourav Chaubey.

    1. Thank you. Congratulations to you too on ESE exam. I am glad that i could be of some help.I read your two blogs and they are nice.Keep writing.

  2. First of all a very informative blog sir,great work.Sir i am a civil engineering undergrad and i have red green color blindness.will this be a problem in my selection in ese and what services am i eligible for?
    Also please suggest some alternative options which i may consider like psu's..

  3. Congrats Mr. varghese. I too have the same problem as yours. Since My eyesight is also more than -4 D, I got rejected in L and T hydocarbon as well as not eligible for many PSUs. L and T came to campus interview last year in NIT Trichy where I am doing masters in Structural Engineering and subsequently got rejected. This myopia was pissing me off for a very long time untill I got selected in a Consultancy firm as a Design Engineer. The feeling was same as yours. I am glad that you are clearing that for the people who are in dilemma. By the way, I am expecting you to post about your experience as an ESE officer.

  4. Sir in gate 17 my marks are around 63-64 and my category is OBC what are chances of structural or transportation in IIT Bombay or Kanpur


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