Sunday, 3 November 2013


'THE prelims was over.Now hectic preparation for the mains followed'.

              I am not talking about civil services here. It is Diwali, and there will be ‘bawali’ (loosely translated, means euphoria akin to running amok).
                Illumination is arguably one of the best things that happen in IIT KGP. Result of hard toil and sleepless nights,’ illumination’ or ‘illu’ is inimitable. All hostels of IIT KGP run their imagination wild, showcase different themes etched in fire and colour, steal hearts and eyeballs subtly.
                Analogous to Panchtantra, the illumination is feast for eyes and food for thought. Among themes displayed in 2013, many were related to current issue of women vulnerability in chauvinistic society. Some displayed Sachin as GOD of cricket, apt gift from KGPians for his near future retirement.
                We started our journey from MMM, and the first hall was Acharaya JC Bose. Lights were put off for the whole road and hostels. Everybody moved like fluid in a pipe, towards the destination. We made queue outside the gate for 15 mins, waiting for the judges to arrive. The SIS guards and Bengal police were controlling the proceeding. With all lights switched off, pitch darkness engulfed IIT with occasional starry flashes of androids and guards torch. The judges arrived and took their time to evaluate. Subsequently we were allowed to enter.
                Later we went to MT hall which is a ladies hostel. The crowd was breath taking, and I mean literally. With all those carbon dioxide, we were suffocating. The kumb mela of IIT KGP had its own mind. There were chants of ‘hamala karo!, gate thod do’(attack!,break the gate) doing rounds. As the gates opened, the student fought among them to gain entry.It was like millions of sperms rushing, pushing each other to reach the target.
                The entry to of ladies hostel was a narrow gate. A gate too narrow for a bulging testosterone crowd. the sperms ,ohh my bad, the students were crushing each other to get in. My two friends were literally buried under pile of bellies, sandwiching them like mashed potatoes. They were resurrected by grace of god. They vowed not to enter any other hall with this mad rush, eventually ending up in worse situation at another girl’s hostel.
                This time we successfully penetrated the fort of human barricades only to find hostel warden earnestly urging us to vacate the hall. We left high and dry. Ate chicken muglai and proceeded to other halls. There was maddening rush of best brains in the country everywhere wandering frantically. Finally I ended my journey at LBS with fine display of fireworks.
A heart warming feeling of unity was among the students.

               A balm for mental agony of gruelling competition, a luminosity showdown with mind of its own, a message for future generations, a matchless tradition of IIT KGP, ILLU continues to radiate its charisma.


  1. Can you send the notes of ACE for Civil engineering?

  2. I have seen IIt kgp campus from inside. It is a large area.

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